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My portfolio is and will always be a work in progress! Right now it is a little scarce until I have some time to build it out further. If you remember me later on down the road, feel free to check back periodically for updates!

Current Projects

Project X

Why is it called, “Project X?” Well, because while it is still in progress, I am still trying to come up with a clever name for it!

What is it? When Project X is complete, it will be a fully customizable developer-ready open source front end framework (phew, lot’s of adjectives!) to assist in building beautiful responsive and accessible websites. Along with the framework will come several beautiful and accessible WordPress themes that will be using the framework.

Can I see it? While it’s not fully ready to be viewed, I can give you 2 sneak peaks… one being this website! That’s right, as I am building out this website, the framework is growing and being tested at the same time! The second sneak peak I’ll give you is on Project X’s dedicated page where I showcase some of the components as they are developed.

Client Work

Oops, there’s nothing here just yet, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything! Contact me if you need proof that I have skills before making any decisions! Otherwise, check back soon for some cool stuff!